Is Your Website Mobile Ready & Friendly

Google plans to start penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly

Yeah, you heard it right! Google has announced plans to give mobile friendly website a boost in its search result. Starting April 21, 2015, it will become costly for businesses that have websites that are not mobile friendly. The mobile friendliness features will be used as a raking metrics to display web pages and deliver content in search result.

With this, every website that is mobile-friendly will experience positive result in search engine rankings and will be considered first in search result and more content from such sites will be delivered in search results. So how well your website will rank when this now rule is enforced?

Our design team have always been pro mobile friendly and as a fact make website that are mobile-friendly a benchmark in all our start-up website and corporate website packages. Our creative approach over the years has made us masters of mobile optimization, mobile responsiveness and mobile presence; a key value proposition we offer to enhance return on investment for our website projects. This is why we not only build your website, but as well focus on strategies to help you achieve the goals of reaching more customers to win more business by getting you closer than your competitors through mobile presence. We know very well that over 90% of business people consume more content and engage brands more from the tip of their fingers on-the-go with mobile devices and Smartphone.

Our digital and online presence offers a total package and support businesses to establish brand visibility as well as engage audience effectively across multiple platforms and devices such as desktops, tablets & Smartphone anytime anywhere. When you engage our service for your website projects, you can be rest assured of having a mobile-friendly website that protects your business online presence from being penalized or excluded from Google search results.

You can contact us on 01-453 2525, 0802 660 0125 to learn more about making a 100% mobile friendly website or if you would like to have a separate mobile website and if you already have an existing website and would like to know if it’s mobile friendly, we will be happy to offer you a no string attached free audit and advisory service to help you get started.

Visit here to test if your website meets Google's mobile friendly criteria.



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