Align Technology To Achieve Business Goals

Through Radix360 vCIO, ITRDN Technologies provides opportunities for small and medium sized businesses to hire a full-time IT strategist and business analyst with the objective to manage IT initiatives and develop roadmap for aligning the company's information technology strategy  and budget with the overall business goals of the company without all or most associated benefits  of adding a top level executive which burdens many businesses. Our vCIO are ready to engage with your goals providing both management and technical expertise in  setting up a process flow for procurement and deployment of information technology. Services provided by our consultants includes:

  • Laying out an IT budget.
  • Preparing your business for technology changes.
  • Providing regular reports on your network’s health and security status.
  • Implementing a business continuity plan.

Added Value of a Radix360 vCIO

As a resource to your internal IT team, our vCIO will help you avoid pitfalls and select technology solutions that best meet your company’s objectives and budget, help you implement IT solutions or simply provide guidance and let your IT team take it from there. The value lies in the increased efficiency and lowered IT costs for your business.

  • Reduced costs
  • Minimise downtown
  • Enhance level of service
  • Maximize control and accountability
  • IT system auditing and reports
  • Plan for expansion and scalability

Would you like to speak with a vCIO? email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.